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The Art of Joy

Welcome to our podcast The Art of Joy. We hope that this little piece of real estate will become a soft place to land. To us, the Art of Joy is recognizing that we are individual masterpieces, and every trial that we are asked to endure is just another layer of chipping away the old so that we can move closer to our superpowers and the genius that we were all born to discover.

Nov 26, 2018

Allie takes us on her journey of Infertility and her decision to pursue an open adoption. We hope that hearing her story will offer courage to anyone out there who has thought of adoption but has not moved forward. We believe that healing takes place in its most powerful way when we can see the world we've been looking at with new eyes. Sometimes when you get turned upside down, the view seems to put all of the crazy into order and for the first time, it all makes sense. Sometimes we have to sit in the dark and process our emotions so that when we emerge, we are able to appreciate the beauty of the light even more. To all of you who find yourself in this situation or one similar, listen to the articulate wisdom that Allie offers and see if it fits. And to all of you who struggle with infertility, know that we sit with you in that dark space and offer all of our good energy to you! Always remember that you are worthy, beautiful and deserving.
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The book:
Hospitious Adoption: James Gritter
Adoption agency:

An agency "Help us adopt", gives grants to help people cover the financial burden of adoption